Singapore, the cool city.

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Nearly every year now studies are published ranking world nations for the happiness of their populations. Singapore regularly stands out. As the news site “” analyzes, the recent Gallup poll on emotionality differs in its focus, but adds some spice to previous happiness findings.
The Gallup Organization conducted a worldwide poll asking respondents which and how many emotions they experienced during a regular workday, e.g. “Did you smile yesterday?” The Philippines, El Salvador, Bahrain, Oman and Colombia are the top five countries to go if you want an emotional atmosphere around you. Georgia, Lithuania, Russia and Madagascar are to be avoided as the lowest ranking countries if there was not Singapore, the most emotionless country worldwide. That Singapore, regularly a frontrunner when it comes to GDP, competitiveness and education fares so badly has astonished many observers since these variables are in general good predictors of happiness. The data indicates that the disciplined productivity of Singapore does not bring with it a positive life experience. They correspond well with other findings, that despite good employment figures actual work satisfaction remains low.
This short range “emotionality measure” will, in the long run, further impact on the happiness indexes, where Singapore already ranks low compared to other countries with a comparable economic basis. The society of Singapore must shift from good numbers to good living if it wants to keep its current competitive advantage. Lack of happiness is costly as sickness rates tend to go up and life expectancy decreases. What’s more however, on the basis of their achievements over the last decades the people of Singapore just deserve some more fun!