Managing People

Ambitious Women at work

The first quarter of 2013 led to a significant discussion about women and leadership from a practical and theoretical pers

Criticism in team work

It is an old custom to ask somebody to stay behind for a one-on-one talk after a meeting in order to voice criticism.

Tiger Woods and the Value of Coaching

With several wins on the P.G.A tour this year, Tiger Woods is on his way to a fascinating comeback.

Job loss as crisis and chance

Losing one’s job can be a traumatic experience; however it is also an opportunity to start anew. Douglas R.

Boredom in teamwork under extreme conditions

In studies of teamwork most experts concentrate on the work actually done and how to increase its efficiency.

Workplace altruism as a career booster

Self-interest  has long been the magical term in the analysis of human interaction.

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