Managing Essentials 2012-12 free

  • Fundamentals of Leadership: Justice.
  • The role of data-crunching and behavioral economics in campaigns.
  • Gender differences onboard.
  • The dishonesty in all of us.
  • How fair is personalized pricing?
  • The art of listening.
  • The end of the “Wonder Bread”.
  • For real relaxation, better read a book.
  • How to pick your team.
  • Will China’s growth outdo the West?
  • Singapore, the cool city.
  • The new Chinese leaders.
  • The rise of the Massive Open Online Courses.
  • Microeconomics and the game of life.
  • Zara, a glimpse into the fast-fashion industry.
  • Groupon must fight hard to become a “hot deal” again.