Managing Essentials 2012-10 free

  • Happiness at work? The case for loyalty.
  • Benefits and costs of self-checkout systems.
  • A Passion should not be obsessive.
  • PowerPoints regularly lack the power.
  • Without character intelligence rarely bears fruit.
  • The solution of a problem depends on its correct definition.
  • Variable pricing and the customer.
  • Mumpreneurs have a future.
  • The loyalty trap as a hook for customers.
  • Cheating at Harvard puts academic culture to a test.
  • China and the Western Hemisphere reversed roles in Africa.
  • US Chief Executive Officers’ payments decline.
  • The Millenials spend their money differently.
  • “Our moon”.
  • Betamax revisited in diesel engines.
  • Asian hi-tech manufacturers still shy away from marketing.