Managing Essentials 2012-09 free

  • Goal-setting: You can reach the peak, but stay there only for a moment.
  • Reading: An essential for leaders.
  • Sales: A question of wording, style and behavioral analysis.
  • Small companies are more attractive for “Gen-Y” applicants.
  • The problem with “freemium”: Customers don’t convert.
  • Nearly half of the medical doctors in the US suffer from burnout and stress.
  • What qualifies you to teach leadership?
  • Passion, purpose and product: The heart not only of entrepreneurship.
  • How does one cope with a yelling boss?
  • European entrepreneurs have a hard time.
  • Freedom vs. agitation on the Internet: The riots in India.
  • Europe’s economic crisis is less discussed in the cafés.
  • Sex appeal can backfire.
  • Apple Inc.: The trillion dollar baby?
  • Business plans five years later: Results of a follow-up study.
  • Partners must fit: Lessons from an Indian-Norwegian venture.