Managing Essentials 2012-08 free

  • Knowing your limits.
  • "Vendor relationship management" - a term with a future.
  • The result of "Know thyself" is often misleading.
  • To delegate or not to delegate?
  • Can we really multi-task?
  • Email: The beast of burden in the office?
  • Diversity at the Workplace: The case of sexual orientation.
  • Careers look different to the millennial generation.
  • Getting fat has in fact to do with eating a lot.
  • The US economy: Coming back?
  • Expatriate life: New studies see costs of living rising.
  • Not too many Medals: Why India underperforms at the Olympics.
  • Bank error in your favour: A test of the culture of banking.
  • After the Olympics: The problems of post-athletics careers.
  • R&D communication failure: The fall of Nokia.
  • Scientific publishing: Dramatic change to come.