Managing Essentials 2012-07 free

  • Authenticity: Be mindful.
  • The ‘Geek’: The beauty of the special.
  • Too much money = not enough time.
  • Low self-confidence: an underrated asset.
  • A 33% discount is more than a 33% bonus.
  • Lessons on teamwork: the Olympics.
  • Buy a standing desk, increase your life expectancy.
  • Top-down project management is often based on wrong premises.
  • Overworking your eyes with the computer.
  • A ranking of Chinese business leaders opens a new perspective on its economy.
  • Not minding the hard work: Brazilian Women.
  • The “London Whale” dived deeper than expected.
  • Science doesn’t help: German Economists and the European Stability Mechanism.
  • Friends and Foes: Information Technology Patent Wars.
  • Customer targeting: Your computer’s operating system may give you away.
  • The danger of corporate secrecy.