Managing Essentials

Managing Essentials is on its way to become the premier newsletter for general managers, specialists in organizational development and human resources professionals. Managing Essentials monthly reviews and abstracts recent articles about new approaches and best practice in the “human side of enterprise” with special reference to the challenges encountered in international management.
We focus on the essentials of leadership, change management, organizational learning, recruiting and retaining, organizational (mis-) behavior and ways to improve the impact of management. For these topics we identify and pinpoint those approaches and insights which contain “actionable knowledge” or have proved themselves in practice. In addition, Managing Essentials tries to identify inspiring new ideas in and outside academia. Our editorials evaluate and give the background of those central issues from which many pragmatic solutions derive.
There are three reasons why you might want to subscribe to Managing Essentials:
Selection. We read and select for you. Managing Essentials regularly reviews the internationally most relevant articles in the fields of human resource and organizational development. Covering journals like “The Harvard Business Review”, “The Economist” or “The Wall Street Journal” Managing Essentials provides you with the Essentials, in a nutshell evaluations of the most relevant insights published and what is most talked about internationally. In addition, we follow specialty journals and the scientific literature. With our abstracts you obtain a collection of executive summaries on what is hot and novel in the field.
Access. We point the way to the in-depth sources. When it comes to the central aspects our abstracts will be sufficient. We principally do not “cut and paste” but review shortly, thoroughly and with a focus on the application value. For more detail Managing Essentials provides the links directing you to the sources or points out other ways to find the relevant in-depth information.  
Localized. As certain as there is one world, there are many cultures on it. This reflects on business practices especially in international management. Management Essentials takes up this challenge in its perspective and publications. Our reviews and editorials take into account that: what works out well in the USA cannot necessarily be transferred to Brazil or elsewhere in this world. In our publication form we respect local languages. Besides its international and English edition, Managing Essentials is available in Portuguese for Brazil (and soon in Chinese). Thereby Managing Essentials helps readers to jump over language barriers. In addition, special columns support readers to reflect their local practice from an international perspective.